Mana satu polis, mana satu penjenayah Tun Hanif?

Oleh Husam Musa


The police force and the Anti-Corruption Agency – two crucial institutions leading the fight against malpractices and corruption. Yet they are sadly disappointing in their inability to even clean up their own backyards. The first we all know because among the first things that this government did after the last general election was to convene a Royal Commission from February 2004 to enquire why that institution had gone so far down the road of self-destruct and to make recommendations as to how to enhance again its operations and management. That was our Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM). I briefed the Royal Commission that police corruption was so extensive that a very senior ACA officer had confided in me and another top retired police officer that 40% of the senior officers could be arrested without further investigations – strictly on the basis of their lifestyles. One state police chief had a net worth of RM18mil. My friend and I had watched the force getting deeper and deeper into the morass of corruption.”
Petikan tulisan bekas Ketua Polis Negara, Tun Hanif Omar dalam Sunday Star semalam, adalah satu tamparan terbuka.Sebagai bekas Ketua Polis, bercakap mengenai polis, tentulah menjadi penumbuk yang cukup berat ‘weight’nya. Ia ada authoritative appeal. Kerajaan Abdullah mesti memberikan respon segera terhadap beberapa isu yang dibangkitkan.
a. Rasuah di kalangan anggota polis termasuk berpangkat tinggi adalah berleluasa. 40% pegawai tinggi polis boleh ditangkap tanpa penyiasatan panjang kerana kehidupan mewah melebihi pendapatan boleh dijadikan ukuran.

b. PDRM masih tidak dapat memulihkan imejnya walaupun Laporan Suruhanjaya Diraja telah dikeluarkan lebih dua tahun setengah yang lalu.

Cadangan Suruhanjaya Diraja itu sia-sia.
“The Royal Commission Report was made public two-and-a quarter years ago, yet PDRM has still not burnished its image. It is still mired in controversy.””By not letting the IPCMC see the light of day after such a long study by the AG speaks volumes of the AG’s understanding of the seriousness of the problem and its effect on the criminal justice system.”
c. Pegawai atasan polis terbelah dua. Satu pihak menahan apa yang dikatakan penjenayah dan satu pihak lagi dengan kerjasama BPR menyiasat pihak yang menahan apa yang dikatakan penjenayah.

” It is so clearly divided into at least two groups at the top and, consequently, affects the officers below. That is why one group carries out arrests of alleged crime kingpins and the other group and the ACA have allegedly interrogated the arresting officers in the belief that the first group is eliminating the informants of the other group. “Whom can we believe when one group is headed by the IGP and the other by a police director backed by the Deputy Minister of Internal Security? They are at opposite poles.”
d. Sejauh mana benarnya kenyataan Peguam Negara bahawa kedua-dua Ketua Polis dan Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri bersih dari tuduhan rasuah terhadap mereka tidak dapat dipastikan.
“Both the IGP and the Deputy Minister of Internal Security have allegations of corruption thrown at them but both have been investigated by the ACA, the content of the reports to the AG we do not know. What we know is that the AG has absolved both of them. So, between the two, whom are we to believe?”
e. Peguam Negara hilang kredibiliti “The AG himself has lost his credibility for this recalcitrance and for his “defeats” in recent high profile cases as well as for some high profile cases not seeing the light of day after so long in his hands: and this is disastrous because his Chambers is the second other vital institution in the criminal justice system.”
f. BPR telah gagal sepenuhnya bertindak terhadap ikan jerung“The ACA is another vital institution. It is its abject failure to act hard against the highly corrupt at the very top levels all these years that has allowed this pervasive corruption culture to thrive and grow within the public sector.”
Tulisan ini memuatkan dakwaan-dakwaan yang berat. Fenomena serius yang dibangkitkan oleh Tun Hanif ini boleh meruntuhkan negara.Dakwaan ini tentunya tidak boleh dibiarkan berlalu. Kerajaan perlu memberikan respon.

Jangan sekadar secepat kilat memberikan respon tentang ’40 kerusi BN hilang’ tetapi membisu dalam isu kritikal seperti ini.
Laporan akhbar The New Straits Time hari ini, memperkukuhkan lagi dakwaan Tun Hanif dan buah mulut rakyat jelata yang keliru mana satu polis mana satu penjenayah. Mana satu polis yang jujur dan amanah dan mana satu penjenayah beruniform polis.
By : Lee Shi-Ian
New Straits TimesThe Anti- Corruption Agency (ACA) is investigating whether the arrest of a Johor-based businessman was an “abuse of power” by the police. The businessman was banished to Jeli, Kelantan, last Wednesday.
The suspect was earlier cleared of any involvement in illegal gambling, prostitution or drug activities by the ACA and the secret society, vice and gaming division of Bukit Aman federal police headquarters in June.
ACA sources said the allegation of abuse of power was one of the factors the ACA was looking into as it probes the circumstances of the suspect’s arrest.


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